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ShopForArt Staff Picks – Rebecca H.

“Probably a bit unconventional, but I like phone cases. Gadgets are fun; customized gadgets are SUPER-fun. I’m also an over-zealous dog owner, and anything with the face of a Westie terrier is a slam dunk. Wrap a Westie in a blanket? Put it on a phone case?? Too. Much. Cuteness.

ShopForArt,, Custom, Framing, Decor

Mustaches are totally IN. Add a hat and bow tie and you’re sure to have a good time. No frowns here. Unless it’s to groom that bad ‘stache.  I’m not totally devoid of appreciation of fine art, though. I love Johannes Vermeer’s use of light in all of his works. My all-time favorite from him, “Girl With the Pearl Earring,” looks super cool as a phone case.

I love that you can also choose the orientation of your favorite work (horizontal or vertical) for the phone case, in the event you want to select the perfect sliver of a larger image – like this other image from Georges Seurat.

ShopForArt,, Custom, Framing, DecorI like paintings of glasses and glassware. I’m not a painter, but I’ve been told that painting a glass, especially with liquid in it, is extremely difficult. I wouldn’t know, but I do think there’s something interesting to see in items in front of, and behind, glassware – in a painting.

Enter Christopher Mize. I don’t know anything about him, aside from a few of his paintings. Meticulous still-lifes featuring wine glasses and wine bottles; labels, liquid and lighting add character and charm. They don’t seem as flat as ‘typical’ wine-themed paintings – some are so detailed and vibrant, they almost feel like photographs. I could see these in any room of the house – not just kitchens or cellars, where many wine-themed prints seem to appear. ”

ShopForArt,, Custom, Framing, Decor               ShopForArt,, Custom, Framing, Decor

– Rebecca H., Marketing Manager

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